Thursday 4/5

On Thursday, Dr. Miranda Banks brings her game Room at the Top, a massively multiplayer card game about how we collaborate in creative environments, into the classroom. ALL COMM & MEDIA MAJORS WELCOME!

Time: 12:30-1:45 pm
Location: CCH 118


Room at the Top is a multiplayer card game that challenges assumptions about how we collaborate in creative environments. In pursuit of success, how do we weigh our own vision with our team’s strategy? Create, negotiate, and compete in a race to achieve success!

In creative industries, who is on your team matters. Research points to the importance of diversity - in race, gender, intelligence type, and more - in boosting team creativity, problem-solving, and overall efficacy. Yet for all our knowledge about the potential unlocked by diverse and inclusive group settings, we still struggle to collaborate across differences--choosing, even unconsciously, to work with people “like us.” While gender and racial inequities in Silicon Valley and Hollywood have received wide news coverage lately, it is not a new problem. So we need new solutions. This game is an intervention.

Room at the Top was incubated at the Engagement Lab at Emerson College. It had its international premiere at IndieCade in October 2017 in Los Angeles.